Soft Blade Trimmer Line

The Soft Blade Trimmer Line for brush cutters is made using high-quality materials and cutting-edge production technologies. This has enabled us to create a product that offers superior performance.

Soft Blade: the perfect line for many uses

Soft Blade is the perfect line for many different uses, given that every type of vegetation has its own unique characteristics.

The Soft Blade line consists of two top performance products with innovative technological characteristics (Aluminium Powder and Anti Weld) and other commercial products available in different colours, shapes and packagings, which can satisfy any usage requirements.

  • Aluminium Powder: high-quality nylon monofilament enhanced with an exceptionally fine aluminium powder that enhances its cutting power and resistance. Unlike traditional lines, enhanced with aluminium flakes, the use of smaller particles preserves the integrity of the structure of the monofilament, guaranteeing an excellent lifespan and yield.
  • Anti Weld: High-quality monofilament covered with a special non-stick treatment that protects it and prolongs its lifespan when used with high velocity with rotating heads. This is a monofilament product designed specifically to resist the high temperatures that can develop in heads above 6000 rotations.
  • Round – long durability: traditional round shape that reduces consumption of the monofilament and prolongs its lifespan.
  • Diamond – extra cutting power: Diamond shape that gives the monofilament an extraordinary cutting power.
  • Star – clean cutting: Star shape that gives the monofilament a great speed and high cutting precision.
  • Square – heavy vegetation: Square shape, which is highly suitable for situations involving thick vegetation with shrubs, brambles, twigs, stones and other obstacles that could erode the product.
  • Helicoidal – silent: The helicoidal shape of this product makes it quieter than conventional monofilaments, offering greater comfort and safety when in use.

Why choose the Soft Blade Trimmer Line?

Thanks to the quality of the materials and the innovative technologies used, Soft Blade Trimmer Line offers:

  • a highly resistant and long-lasting cutting surface;
  • a firm surface that guarantees maximum resistance corresponding with the outlet of the head;
  • excellent impact resistance;
  • maximum resistance to breakage and unravelling.
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