Perlon monofilaments

Over the past few years, the portfolio of Gruppo DP products in the sport fishing sector has been enhanced by the addition of PERLON monofilaments. More specifically, after collaborating for several decades, Gruppo DP and Perlon Monofil GmbH have given life to a range of technical monofilaments for sport fishing.

The strengths of Perlon products

PERLON monofilaments have recently enhanced the range of products already on offer from Gruppo DP.

In particular, the strengths of PERLON monofilaments are:

  • Excellent linear and knot strength
  • Exceptionally uniform diameter

Development of specific monofilaments

The careful selection of materials by the company, combined with Perlon Monofil’s expertise, has enabled the development of specific fishing lines calibrated to meet the client’s personal requirements.

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