Ethics and Gruppo DP’s company behaviour

All of Gruppo DP’s operations are based on respect for ethical principles, which favour good relationships with the clients and third parties with whom we engage. This is possible thanks to our commitment to effective and efficient principles and the pursuit of high standards of quality and safety.

At the centre of Gruppo DP’s ethics is a respect for the diversity of every single person: the company sees multiculturalism as a value that must be preserved by guaranteeing the principle of equality. Gruppo DP promotes transparency, equality and respect for others – understood as consideration for their needs and requirements and protection of their values – both within the company itself and within its supply chain.

Quality and safety

For Gruppo DP, it is impossible to disregard certain requirements, such as the satisfaction of quality and safety standards for the products that we distribute throughout the market. Our operations are carried out with full respect for the principles of efficiency and efficacy.

The aim of Gruppo DP is to constantly improve our organisation, human resources and technologies, to manage our company processes and relationships with the clients and third parties with whom we interact.

Reputation and reliability

Gruppo DP has oriented all of its work towards the construction of a solid and transparent brand reputation, founded on the positivity of the relationships that link the company to its various stakeholders.

Employees, partners, providers, shareholders who invest in the company, and clients

promote maximum faith in the climate of positivity that Gruppo DP has managed to create and continues to nourish today, thanks to the respect of a correct policy based on ethics, as well as – naturally – laws and public regulations.

Pursuing ethical principles is essential: to do otherwise would compromise the relationship of trust between the company and its stakeholders.


Since 1973, the year of its birth, Gruppo DP has committed to the development and selection of products that have what it takes to become top-of-the-range. In addition, the company has evolved over time, introducing new product categories. The extension of the range began in the second half of the 1980s with the introduction of ASSO DI CUORI and continued in the 1990s with ASSO DI QUADRI.

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