Oem fishing lines

Gruppo DP has committed itself to the development of the OEM Private Label sector as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, working to provide products bearing the client’s branding and thanks to the extensive experience gained with its ASSO brand. The OEM Private Label is a market segment that has developed significantly over the past few years, openly competing with its Asian counterparts.

A wide range of Oem products

Among the various requirements of Gruppo DP’s clients is the need to acquire OEM products, or products made with their own commercial branding. In such cases, Gruppo DP offers the opportunity of selecting the type of fishing line that best suits the client’s needs, benefiting from specialist technical consulting where required. In this way, the client has the opportunity of creating a wide range of products that extend from entry level models that offer high performance but at lower costs, to top-of-the-range models that are the result of advanced technologies.

In addition, if the range of standard fishing lines on offer does not satisfy the client’s specific technical requirements, Gruppo DP is able to evaluate the development of particular features or colour shades.

Support and packaging material for fishing lines

The service offered by Gruppo DP also includes the possibility of choosing the supports (spools and coils) and the packaging material (labels, blister packaging, cardboard and pvc boxes) from a wide range of standard items or – if necessary – requesting customised options. For this reason Gruppo DP uses an internal graphic department for the design of packaging, logos, brochures and graphics.

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