Lines and spools for spooling companies

Lines and bobbins for spooling companies

Gruppo DP supplies monofilaments, braided and reel fishing lines to spooling companies, as well as any type of accessory product for packaging. In addition, Gruppo DP offers the option of selecting monofilaments that are suitable for the particular market in question, benefiting from specialist technical advice.

Gruppo DP and spooling companies

Gruppo DP is able to offer its spooling clients a wide range of lines and various accessory products for packaging. Furthermore, the company also offers specific advice for selecting the best type of line for the particular market in question.
The Gruppo DP catalogue of lines on origin spools offers a wide range of:

  • Traditional nylon monofilaments;
  • Nylon monofilaments with a fluorocarbon coating;
  • 100% fluorocarbon monofilaments;
  • Conical monofilaments;
  • Braided PE lines.

The lines offered by Gruppo DP are available in various standard colours, but the company also offers other colour samples upon request from the client, even for smaller orders.
For its standard products, Gruppo DP guarantees extremely short delivery times – even for orders with minimum purchase quantities. To guarantee that orders arrive on time, deliveries take place both from Italy and from a number of Asian ports. 
The client has the opportunity of creating a wide range of products that extend from entry level models that offer high performance but at lower costs, to top-of-the-range models that are the result of advanced technologies, thanks to a wide range of monofilaments available in our catalogue or upon request.

Spooling Accessories

Gruppo DP offers spooling companies the possibility of purchasing from an individual supplier any other accessory component necessary to complete the production process, including:

  • Spools and bobbins for traditional spooling;
  • Bobbins for parallel spiral spooling;
  • Pouches and boxes in PVC and PET – either neutral and transparent or featuring a coloured print;
  • Pouches and boxes in cardboard – either neutral or featuring a coloured print;
  • Self-adhesive labels made from paper, polypropylene and metal;
  • Packaging cardboard.

With the aim of respecting the requirements of the client’s own brand image, Gruppo DP is also available to evaluate the creation of all types of spool, bobbin, label and packaging, using any kinds of materials, including those designed by the client.
In addition, the Gruppo DP structure includes an internal office for the design of packaging, logos, multilingual brochures, graphics and advertising brands.

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