Fishing Lines

The Gruppo DP fishing line

Gruppo DP’s core business has centred around the market for sport and commercial fishing lines since the end of the 1980s. The company’s vision is supported by technological excellence, in virtue of which the company’s current catalogue features lines made from nylon, fluorocarbon and braided PE with exceptionally high specifications. Every product in the catalogue is designed to satisfy the needs of those who enjoy fishing and is characterised by exceptional technical features.

In the Gruppo DP catalogue, our fluorocarbon range really stands out as one of the most extensive and readily available on the market at a global level. Furthermore, Gruppo DP can boast of having innovated the use of fluorocarbon, going beyond the traditional conception of highly rigid lines for ocean use, and offering a range of fluorocarbon lines with specific characteristics for the various fishing techniques used.

Over the past few years, Gruppo DP has also started to offer a wide selection of braided PE lines and conical lines alongside its nylon and fluorocarbon monofilaments.

The company operates directly through the distribution of products from its own brand, ASSO, as well as those from Toray and Perlon and through the provision of lines on origin bobbins to manufacturers.

In addition, the company also works indirectly through the provision of products bearing the client’s branding (OEM).

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