The evolution of the Asso fishing line

The evolution of the ASSO fishing line is characterised by a series of milestones in the history of single fishing lines.

First half of the 1980s

Start of the evolution of the ASSO range, an important milestone in the history of monofilament for fishing.

Second half of the 1980s

ASSO DI CUORI is the first monofilament made entirely from fluorocarbon fibre to reach the Italian market. This was a completely new technical innovation for this sector’s Italian market at the time.

The 1990s

Gruppo DP introduced ASSO DI QUADRI, a revolutionary monofilament for reels without memory, which improved the quality standards of this category of products in Italy and in numerous European and non-European markets.


Our attention to technological excellence remains constant. As well as products for traditional techniques such as carp fishing, fly fishing and surf casting, there are also various others dedicated to the most modern trends in the field such as TROUT AREA, AJING and ULTRA LIGHT FISHING.

The range of Asso products

The Asso range offers products that are characterised by technical excellence and that have been designed to satisfy the most sophisticated requirements of those who fish. Today, Asso offers a wide catalogue of fishing lines made from nylon, fluorocarbon and braided PE with exceptionally high specifications.

The distribution of ASSO lines is carried out on a global scale thanks to Gruppo DP’s extensive commercial network, which operates in five continents and more than eighty countries.

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