The story and evolution of Gruppo DP

Born in 1973, Gruppo DP is a company that operates on a global scale in the sector of monofilaments and synthetic fibres for technical applications, specialising mainly in monofilaments for sport and commercial use.

Heir to a centuries-old commercial tradition of items for fishing and boating, Gruppo DP has chosen to base its core business on technical monofilaments for fishing, successfully adopting a key position at a global level (more than 80 countries) in the course of just a few years.

Gruppo DP has always been committed to its engagement in the development and selection of products that have what it takes to become top-of-the-range, destined for both the retail market as well as industrial and commercial operators. In addition, the company has evolved over time, introducing new product categories.

The evolution of the ASSO range of fishing lines for sport as well as competitive and commercial use is characterised by a series of milestones in the history of single fishing lines. The extension of the range began in the second half of the 1980s with the introduction of ASSO DI CUORI, a single fishing line consisting solely of fluorocarbon fibre, and continued in the 1990s with ASSO DI QUADRI.

As a monofilament for reels without memory, ASSO DI QUADRI has redefined today’s quality standards in Italy and numerous European and non-European countries, guaranteeing innovative performance.

Approaching the year 2000, Gruppo DP decided to widen its range, including its monofilaments for gardening and agricultural use, with the aim of focusing its approach on the specialisation of products.

Gruppo DP’s milestones

The first half of the 1980s

Start of the evolution of asso fishing lines for sport and commercial use.

Second half of the 1980s

Introduction of ASSO DI CUORI, the first single fishing line made entirely from fluorocarbon fibre, a true technical innovation for the Italian market.

The 1990s

Introduction of ASSO DI QUADRI, a monofilament for fishing reels without memory effect.

The 2000s

Gruppo DP decides to diversify its activities, expanding into the field of monofilaments for gardening and agricultural use.


Gruppo DP concludes a commercial agreement, in Europe as well as some non-European countries, for the exclusive distribution of top-of-the-range single fishing lines from the Japanese brand TORAY.


Gruppo DP products are accompanied by single fishing lines for sport use from PERLON, produced in Germany.


Over the past few years, Gruppo DP has dedicated its energies to developing the OEM Private Label sector on the one hand, openly competing with its Asian counterparts, while also improving the specialisation of its range of fishing lines even more; for example with a new product line made from PE braiding and conical lines.

Currently, the company’s core business is centred around the fishing line sector for sport and commercial use as well as monofilaments for gardening and agricultural use.


All of Gruppo DP’s operations are based on respect for ethical principles, which favour good relationships with the clients and third parties with whom we engage. This is possible thanks to our commitment to effective and efficient principles and the pursuit of high standards of quality and safety.

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