Artificial and synthetic fibres for fishing, gardening and agriculture

Gruppo DP's core business consists primarily of technical fishing lines for sport and commercial use. Indeed, Gruppo DP offers a wide range of fishing lines, each of which features specific characteristics.
Gruppo DP decided to implement its company business since 2000, also investing in the sector of monofilaments for gardening and agriculture. These are produced using materials of superior quality.

The Gruppo DP Vision

The company, born in Genoa in 1973, operates on a global scale in the sector of monofilaments and synthetic fibres for technical applications, and specialises in fishing lines. The Gruppo DP vision can be summarised in the binomial “European Vision and Asian Technology”, indicating a fusion between the expertise and commercial competence of a European company with Asian technology and advantageous production costs.

The fishing lines we offer

Asso fishing lines

The evolution of the ASSO range is characterised by a series of milestones in the history of monofilaments for sport as well as competitive and commercial use. In the second half of the 1980s, Gruppo DP introduced the first 100% fluorocarbon monofilament, called ASSO DI CUORI. In the 1990s, it was the turn of ASSO DI QUADRI. ASSO lines are distributed globally through the Gruppo DP commercial network, which stretches across 5 continents and more than 80 countries.

Toray fishing lines

Throughout Europe and in some non-European markets, Gruppo DP distributes a prestigious selection of monofilaments from Toray Industries Inc., the first nylon producer in Japan, which began production in 1941. The philosophy of the Toray brand centres around the intelligent and careful selection of technical features. Toray lines are the result of a delicate balance between softness, mechanical memory, sensitivity, resistance, and all other characteristics.

Perlon fishing lines

Gruppo DP, together with Perlon Monofil GmbH, has given life to a project for the creation of technical monofilaments for sport fishing, created in Perlon’s facilities in Germany. PERLON fishing lines are characterised by an exceptional resistance of both the line and knot, as well as a flawlessly uniform diameter. A unique characteristic of Perlon Monofil Gmbh is the development of monofilaments calibrated according to each specific requirement.

OEM fishing lines

Gruppo DP has a structure that can even meet the requirements of clients who need to acquire products for their own brand (OEM). The OEM Private Label is a market segment that has developed significantly over the past few years, openly competing with the company’s Asian counterparts.

Lines and spools for spooling companies

Gruppo DP offers its clients thread spools for fishing, as well as a wide range of lines – both monofilaments and braided lines. In addition, we also offer spools and all kinds of accessories for packaging. Gruppo DP is also available to evaluate the creation of spools, bobbins, labels and packages upon request, based on the client’s requirements.

Monofilaments for gardening and agricultural use

Nylon trimmer line (brushcutter line)

The Nylon trimmer line (brushcutter line) is made using excellent materials and cutting-edge technology, offering the user many benefits.

PET Monofilament

AGROPET is a PET (100% polyester) monofilament designed for use in vineyards, greenhouses, hail-proof and wind-proof nets, and security enclosures for livestock, offering many advantages compared to conventional wire or nylon lines. These include: faster installation, a lower weight, and easier handling.

The Gruppo DP distribution area

Gruppo DP is present in five continents and more than 80 countries thanks to its extensive distribution network, which successfully satisfies the retail market as well as industrial and commercial operators.

Italian Sales Office

Export Office

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